How to Download Ashley Madison Torrent?

How to Download Ashley Madison Dump?

Couple of months ago Ashley Madison (a dating website for cheaters) has suffered a massive breach, leading to stealing private information about its users including passwords, interests and much more.

The hacker group called “Impact Team” stated that if Ashley Madison didn’t shut down, it would expose the databases and information hacked from the popular online cheating site. Today it was confirmed that a hack was genuine and cheating husbands will start biting their nails.

A huge trove of data nearly 10 gigabytes in size was dumped onto the Deep Web. Ashley Madison torrent was also shared on Torrent file-sharing services over the past 48 hours. According to a story at, included in the files are names, addresses and phone numbers apparently attached to AshleyMadison member profiles, along with credit card data and transaction information. Links to the files were preceded by a text file message titled “Time’s Up” (see screenshot below).

Security researcher Brian Krebs had an interview with Chief Technology Officer of Raja Bhatia, who claimed that:

On a daily basis, we’re seeing 30 to 80 different claimed dumps come online, and most of these dumps are entirely fake and being used by other organizations to capture the attention that’s been built up through this release. In total we’ve looked at over 100GB of data that’s been put out there. For example, I just now got a text message from our analysis team in Israel saying that the last dump they saw was 15 gigabytes. We’re still going through that, but for the most part it looks illegitimate and many of the files aren’t even readable didn’t admit yet that the huge dump was real, however the truth is that 10 gigabyte data dumb includes much more information than anyone could ever imagine. Researchers find such amount of huge data unusual but some of them have already found user names, first and last names, and hashed passwords for 33 million accounts, partial credit card data, street names, and phone numbers for huge numbers of users, records documenting 9.6 million transactions, and 36 million email addresses.

Regardless of ethics, this is a massive data breach where attackers had full and maintained access to a large percentage of Ashley Madison’s organization undetected for a long period of time. Ashley Madison has not commented on the original source of the breach, how it occurred, or how they were compromised.

How To Download Dump?

Ashley Madison torrent file was first published on deep web however there have been some additional links discovered on popular torrent sites. In order to download dump head to this link:

If you don’t want to download whole file you can check emails for Ashely Madison list here:


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