Cyber Security Measures to Gain Momentum During the Year 2016

Businesses these days are diverting to digital space and the work involving paper work is slowly diminishing. Work pertaining documents can be accessed from anywhere with the use of mobile devices or desktops. With this, the companies have started taking cyber security pretty much seriously. As per CNN, 1 million malware threats are launched into the systems that are insecure on a daily basis. These six cyber security measures would certainly gain momentum during the year 2016.

Investment in a network penetration test

The companies can rely on a white hat hacker to have the firewalls tested. This will offer an idea about the computer network’s safety of an organization. During network penetration test, hacking into the company’s network is done by a cyber security professional in order to test the security systems. In this manner, weak spots that exist within the firewall can be figured out and then fixed.

Securing cloud services

A lot of companies are opting for cloud computing services these days. This calls for the companies to have their cloud services secured. Hackers can steal any kind of sensitive information from cloud databases. As per The Squires Group, attacks on cloud databases would increase during the year 2016. It is vital for companies to find a security professional who would help with the implementation of right strategy for a company’s cloud system. It is also crucial for companies to have a backup of all important data.

Implementation of password policies

It is almost common for all the employees to make use of their work email across multiple platforms. Hence, there is a need for password protection to be offered on all devices. Having simple passwords is not enough to secure the data. A policy needs to be created to make sure that all the employees are using strong combination of letters, special characters, capitalizations and numbers as their passwords.

Developing record retention policies

Organizing records is vital to ensure that the system is in place. A consistent updating of the record system is also crucial. For instance, when the time for legal maintenance of a certain document has passes, the file would be automatically destroyed. This needs to be implemented after the installation of a records management program.

More awareness in cyber security

The most important step in creation of a cyber security plan is to understand the industry really well. It is crucial to remain up to date on all the latest trends in the world of cyber security. In addition, it is great to streamline the security. So it is best to get services of a consultant. This will ensure that the entire security system of your company is in appropriate place.

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