Why Should You Create a Strong Password ?

If you have followed security news in the past days you should have seen that a lot of accounts were hacked in a lot of websites.

Why accounts get compromised?

There are commonly two reasons for this:
a. Website side issue
b. User side issue

a. Website side issue

– The main problem to why the accounts on some websites get compromised is that Websites don’t encrypt their user’s passwords using standard encryption instead, they store the passwords in plain text (the case with 000webhost.com).

b. User side issue

– The other problem to why the accounts get compromised is that the USER uses passwords that are easy to guess and uses the same password for every site.

Why should you create a strong password?

a. A strong password cannot be brute-forced
b. A strong password cannot be guessed
c. Strong passwords aren’t found in Password Lists

How to create a strong password?

a. Use sites that help you generate strong passwords (ex.
b. Use password manager (LastPass)
c. Create longer passwords
d. Create passwords containing Uppercase, Lowercase and Symbols
e. Don’t use your personal information on your password.
An example of password recommended by Microsoft is “[email protected]()n.”

The most common passwords?

most used passwords of 2015


















Article provided by Agron Muharemi

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