What is Secure Server?

A secure server is a web server, that provides support for message encryption and decryption, like SSL (Secure Socket Layer). It is important to share confidential information only with a secure server that ensures privacy and protection of your payment and personal data. In the modern age the most important protocols that ensure secure connection with a server are SSL, HTTPS and IPSec.

How to determine if you are connected to secure server?

First of all make sure that your browser displays this icon:

what is secure server
Green lock identifies that you are connected to Secure Server

After all, everyone loves to see beautiful green locks, right?

Important information about secure server

In order to hold safe communications in internet or LAN, it is necessary to own a certificate. A certificate helps your computer and browser to identify a secure server. Everyone is able to create a self-signed certificate, but in order to make it appear as a green lock in the browser or to make browser trust it, a certificate should be signed by trusted authority or CA.


  • Internet Explorer requires Diffie-Hellman parameters larger that 512 bit
  • LG TVs are shipped with specific root certificates and some of the most common certificates are not present in them.


  • Check for common vulnerabilities
  • Never leave open security holes
  • Use genuine SSL certificates. You might like to have a look at DigiCert

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