Hacked PlayStation 4 Runs Linux

Everyone loves video games and entertaining themselves by playing running them on their favorite consoles. However, there are some people who love to test consoles to run pirated games or even different Operating Systems, such as Linux. By the end of the last year hacker team Fail0verflow have hacked PlayStation 4 to run Linux on it.

This is a huge step in the future of running homebrew software on PlayStation. Many people have been waiting for this discovery over years and now thanks to the console hackers we know that, despite exotic chips PlayStation 4 can work just like any PC.

After hacking the console, the group was even able to inject a Game Boy Advance emulator and a modded version of Pokémon. This means that the Game Boy Advance might be used as an emulator for the well known console. You might not feel comfortable to play old games this way, but it is clear that Failoverflow knows what they are doing.


Hackers tinkered with WebKit and exploited it.

Have a look at full demonstration below:

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