KickassTorrents Admins/ Mods Seek Donations to Recreate the Site

As you guys heard by now, the domain for KickassTorrents has been seized and its alleged owner has also been arrested.

KickAssTorrents the most visited site for pirated music, TV shows and almost everything else pirated online was taken down by authorities a few weeks ago.

This was after the torrent company’s owner, ArtemVaulin was arrested in Poland.

Despite that several clones have sprung up since then to fill the void none seems to be a good fit as thousands of KickAssTorrents’ users lament not having a reliable source of entertainment.

It seems however like is slowly filling the gap.

KickassTorrents’ (KAT) admins and some of its members are said to be hard at work managing a funding campaign that attempts to bring back the parent site.

It is reported that KickassTorrents had a userbase 50 million strong. Despite their being numerous other torrent sites such as, Lime Torrent,, RARBG, Extra Torrent, and the Pirate Bay, many users still prefer KAT.

Shortly after KickassTorrents went offline, one of the world’s largest torrent sites Torrentz immediately followed as the site bid farewell to its users. It was another surprising event to add to KAT’s demise.

Though Torrentz is actually not a P2P site, it was a fast, free, and powerful meta-search engine sought after by millions of users.

This ended the reign of another prominent player in the BitTorrent world, causing many to lose hope and trust in the torrent community.

KAT admins are working to rebuild this trust in line with their efforts to rise again.

With two major players out of the picture, the torrent world is significantly impacted, and clones have quickly sprouted.

Malicious KAT mirror sites have sprouted all over the internet to try and take advantage of BitTorrent users, underscoring the need for the already existing KAT forum.

KickassTorrents Restoration Efforts

The Return of KickAss Torrents? Donations to Bring Back

The new forum has welcomed back thousands of KickassTorrents followers in such a short time.

Currently, admins and mods are seeking donations and further explain to the KAT community the need for funding.

A detailed blog post by Johnno23 states how the new KAT site is costing money, running on money a few individuals have managed to put up for the sake of the KickassTorrents community’s survival.

They are faced with the challenge of how they can keep the P2P site alive.

The campaign has been rolled out to recreate the original KickassTorrents website, and the admin has expressed that they are open to donations via PayPal.

As listed in the fundraising drive, the estimated cost to revive KAT is $7,000 which is broken down into the development cost it would take to rebuild the authentic site code, multiple types of server costs, and required amount for maintenance during upcoming months.

Mr. Gooner, one of the site’s top admins, assures the community that KickassTorrents will gain back its former glory.

However, it all greatly depends on pending legal action as well as rulings in regards to torrent legality in the US.

That said, full restoration of the old KickassTorrents site with the original database as a peer-to-peer file sharing torrent site with download and upload functionality appears to be envisioned as a long-term goal.

For this to happen, it’s got to be coded by new people, which definitely would take serious time and money.

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