Fortscale – Cyber Security Company Review

Fortscale delivers an accurate, scalable and extendible user behavior analytics (UBA) for security solution. Enterprises face a growing threat from malicious employees and external users that have hijacked and compromised legitimate user credentials to exploit data. These sophisticated attacks occurring from within the network are difficult for security analysts to detect using traditional security measures. As a result, a new approach is needed to secure enterprise networks and protect intellectual property.

Fortscale Key Features:

  • SMART Alert Generation – Eliminate false positives
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Identify prolonged attacks
  • Application Agnostic
  • Protect critical resources
  • Continuous Tuning
  • Optimize future analysis

Detailed View:

  • Fortscale provides a user behavior analytics solution designed to mitigate these insider threats.
  • With deep big data, analytics, machine learning capabilities and global user profiling, Fortscale empowers analysts and security teams with user intelligence, prioritized alerts and easy-to-use investigation tools so they can quickly identify bad actors and respond to threats.
  • Fortscale’s machine learning algorithms translate the massive amount of log data from various sensors, without pre-defined heuristics or thresholds.
  • The common user cases supported by Fortscale are discovery and investigation of compromised users and monitor flagged users, abnormal access to sensitive resources, stale accounts and user entitlements and high privileged accounts’ abuse.
  • Fortscale Analytics provides a proactive, efficient investigation process using Analytics Package Sets, canned reports, wizards and dashboards.
  • Fortscale helps to discovering potential cyber threats and visualize prioritized leads to cyber analysts in a clear and informative way.
  • Fortscale’s machine learning algorithms understand the context behind the logs and are based on unsupervised anomaly detection techniques and are designed to detect anomalies in a user’s behavior compared to his past behavior, as well anomalies in a user’s behavior compared to his peers.
  • Fortscale support log integration from Splunk, HP Arcsight, RSA Envision, RSA Security Analytics, Q1 Radar, LogRhythm, and McAfee Nitro.
  • Leader in the growing field of user behavior analytics for enterprise security, today announced it has received a coveted Most Valuable Product (MVP) award in the “Security” category for 2015 from Computer Technology Review.
  • The company was recognized for its award-winning user behavior analytics solution that provides organizations the unparalleled ability to target and eliminate insider threats.
  • Fortscale’s solution underwent rigorous judging criteria by Computer Technology Review’s editorial panel that included product innovation, functionality and affordability.
  • Fortscale’s award-winning user behavior analytics solution rapidly detects malicious behavior connecting to and operating within an enterprise’s network.
  • It automatically and dynamically analyzes real-time and historic user behavior to identify and prioritize the highest-risk user activities associated with applications, devices, and services on the network, resulting in unmatched threat detection accuracy and the fastest time to resolution.

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