RedOwl – Cyber Security Company Review

Key Features:

  • Event Enrichment
  • Behavioral Modeling
  • NLP Enrichment
  • Machine Learning

Red Owl’s Reveal aggregates the right data in one place, applies powerful statistics and machine learning to expose a great application designed for the end-user. It examines the relationships and activities of an individual. It anticipates future activity and reports, rather than alerts.

Detailed View:


  • Reveal provides your organization critical visibility on your users and systems to detect, discover, and prevent a malicious insider, where an employee is violating your trust and stealing sensitive IP, conducting corporate espionage, or engaging in sabotage.
  • Reveal’s analytics are equally powerful in discovering compromised insiders: illegitimate outsiders who assume the identity of a trusted user to gain access to sensitive systems and data.
  • Reveals powerful analytic engine deploys four layers of statistics and machine learning, over time to detect anomalies and tendencies in an individual or a network. And it lets you devise hypotheses and ask questions specific to your business—and get the answers. So you can identify who is engaging in behaviors you currently understand to be risky —and new anomalous behaviors that could represent even greater risk.


  • RedOwl changes the paradigm as Reveal’s powerful forensic interface enables rapid data search and discovery the way you want to. It frames up data through logical filters, and gives you multiple lenses for any historical subset of data, so both compliance and case teams can see everything they need to, in context.
  • The multi–dimensional data fusion that drives RedOwl’s inference engine also provides formidable forensic power. RedOwl surrounds a historic event with related and weighted data – providing a comprehensive printer of the relationships, communications and behaviors that inform it – – and fueling intelligent inferences to guide investigations. A powerful capability allows you to further interrogate and understand events with depth and precision. An intuitive UX provides multiple lenses, so you can view events, trends and more.
  • Red Owl Analytics is a mixture of people/process and technology that was conceptualized and born into a new world where new realities must be understood. And all accounts are that Red Owl gets this new world.

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