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The E8 Security Behavioral Intelligence Platform uses machine learning to track and identify every entity (user and machine) in the enterprise. It bridges the awareness gaps that exist in legacy security tools through a set of smart algorithms that identify malicious behavior and prioritize the riskiest threats. By combining the scale of big data, the power of behavioral analytics and incorporating the knowledge from human insight, the E8 Security solution identifies hidden threats and helps resolves them faster.

Key Features:

  • Data fusion
    • Identifies user and device behavior and extracts relationships in endpoint, network and access data. Generates rich context and eliminates data siloes.
  • Data exploration
    • Enables incident response-driven data queries and investigations based on machine- or human-generated context.
  • Risk scoring and prioritization
    • Prioritizes high-risk entity behaviors and threats to enable analysts to focus on the most critical threats.
  • Anomaly and threat detection
    • Identifies anomalous behaviors and suspicious activity and presents information to guide investigation.
  • Integration
    • Easily ingests data from any source and enables bi-directional connectivity to feed behavior anomalies, threats and context to the security stack.
  • Learning loop
    • Evolves prioritization based on analysts’ input, new data and an understanding of the environment.
  • Scalability
    • Easily scales to manage the largest enterprise networks and integrates seamlessly into existing data centers. Available as an appliance or as software installed on existing off-the-shelf hardware.

Detailed View:

  • Provides visibility into previously unknown persistent threats —with speed and at scale
    • E8 Security applies machine-learning and multi-dimensional modeling that examines user and device behaviors to identify anomalous activities. Machine analyses correlate behaviors and relationships, while models track attackers from infiltration to lateral movement to exfiltration. Advanced behavior models expose multiple threat phases such as command and control (C2) communications, lateral movement, credential compromise and establishing persistence. These sophisticated analyses enable machines and humans to optimize their threat identification abilities. E8 Security leverages data from Cisco ISE, Microsoft AD, Web Proxies, Flows and other sources to generate behavior intelligence in Cisco networks.
  • Automates threat prioritization based on risk
    • E8 Security scores threats based on behavioral anomalies and customer- specific contextual information. This provides a risk-prioritized view of security alerts and enables analysts to take action on the most critical ones. Machine-learning algorithms ensure that the system adapts to evolving threats and captures human insight to create a learning loop. As the solution encounters more threats and interacts with security analysts, it becomes smarter, augmenting the intelligence the security team needs to act.
  • Enables rapid investigation and threat response
    • E8 Security provides an intuitive user experience to help security teams quickly investigate and validate insights. Analysts can visualize relationships, explore divergent hypotheses and surface hidden patterns. The solution seamlessly integrates with existing security infrastructure, enriching alerts generated by legacy systems. Out-of-the-box integration with leading SIEMs, log management systems, endpoint platforms, web proxy servers and network packet brokers helps customers see value within days of deployment.

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