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Let’s face it. Today cyber attackers are so sophisticated that an advanced attacker can bypass any even best virus protection and successfully initiate attack. Shortly said if you are a target you will soon become a victim. Today teenage hackers surfing the underground are developing tools like Microsoft Word Intruder which is a threat for any Microsoft Word user, which I guess you are.

How to Protect My Self Online?

Main skills that will help you to stay safe online and protect your data are following:

  • Before clicking a link a simple hover over with your mouse can save your life: hover over a link to see where it is directing than google that link, skim through results and find out how safe is that link you were going to visit
  • Don’t trust your email. Most people cant differentiate between spam and real email, it’s amazing how after so many years spam is still one of the best and easiest methods of penetrating your system. Don’t open attachments or a free virus protection and nor premium one might not be able to save you
  • If you are vising a website where you need to enter your private information than always look at website URL, does it have a lock like this: https


Than there is a good chance you are safe and good to go. But if it looks differently like this:

https broken

Than you might be in trouble. This icon means that your encryption is broken, or using obsolete cryptography, in short words you might be spied on and your data is not safe.

  • If you download a file take care to firstly upload it to Virus Total and check it for probable malware or viruses
  • Always install antivirus and spyware protection
  • Always update your software with new patches


These simple steps will protect you from every day viruses. To learn more about advanced level protection stay with us and follow us on social media. Have a safe day online!

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