Russian YotaPhone Special Feature = FSB Backdoor

Russian YotaPhone Special Feature = FSB Backdoor

The Russian Android smartphone YotaPhone comes with a special feature and it’s not a lifetime battery life. Sergey Chemezov, the head of Russian Government-sponsored Rostech Corp, made a surprising admission about YotaPhone backdoor.

“The FSB will have access [to users’ information]. We don’t have the right to sell phones on the market in any other way – otherwise, the devices could be used by terrorists, criminals,” said Chemezov.

As it appears YotaPhone serves a backdoor to its customers opening gates to customers privacy to FSB (former KGB).

Chemezov doesn’t miss the opportunity of trashing Apple as well, claiming the iPhone has become ‘the choice of terrorists’. In an epic climax of broken logic and hypocrisy, Chemezov then goes on to say that equipping the phone with a backdoor is necessary so that the phone doesn’t become a choice of terrorists. Like, you know, that irresponsible, terrorist-prone iPhone (singled out by Chemezov himself) and other devices that ship with system-wide encryption and without an actual backdoor for governments to use (at least not with one that is publicly admitted by Apple, Google, or government officials).

Hey, but there are some good news: Chemezov promises the third edition of the YotaPhone is coming in February 2016, and later – towards the 2016 Holiday season – expect an affordable version of the YotaPhone. The company is also working on a wireless charger and a tablet.

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