RIT to Offer Cyber Security Courses

Rochester Institute of Technology is planning to develop courses pertaining to cyber security using tactics and warfare strategies. Intel has gifted the institute $25,000 to let it transform the security education by coming up with a new curriculum for cyber security. The course would be developed based on tactics and strategic thinking.

The amount offered by Intel would help the institute get new servers that would be used to host a computing infrastructure where the students would be able to perform labs that involve strategic thinking in defense and security attack. Two course modules would be developed by the faculty utilizing the infrastructure. These modules would be utilized in the classes and as well as be shared with the community pertaining to security education.

The project offers necessary training to the computing security professionals. The modules would make them better equip with the application of warfare tactics and strategic thinking in the scenario of cyber security. In case of threats and attacks of high level, the skills, tools and the knowledge aren’t sufficient to offer success. Professionals have to be more aware and vigilant as a lot of cyber attacks are merely deception.

The tailored curriculum which is aimed for graduate students and upper-classmen will offer them skills in a different manner which would also include game theory. Students would be able to analyze how these tactics could be applied in case of any cyber attack. Application of tactics for defense purposes would be the main aim of the courses being offered by the institute. Students would be able to gain experience through experiments and practices in simulated cyber security environment.

The world needs qualified cyber security professionals in both government and private sectors. Intel’s University Program Manager, Scott Buck said that the company was proud to collaborate with RIT in order to make a change in the society and offer necessary help to the government agencies and private organizations in tackling cyber attacks. Mitigation of security threats is vital and this course equips the professionals with the right experience.

The curriculum created under the project will offer an enhanced learning experience and will also offer a push to the computing security program being offered by the university. The university is thankful that Intel is concerned about the future of cyber security and has taken an initiative to contribute to the safety.

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