The Official Reddit App is Available for Everyone

Today is the day when popular Alien Blue service is replaced by the official app of the famous online board – Reddit. Site’s iOS apps have been in beta since March and Android since January, but the final official version for iOS and Android are not available in US, Canada, UK, Australia and … all users worldwide thanks to VPN.

According to the interview with The Verge:

[Reddit] has learned a lot from our passionate Alien Blue community about what makes a great iOS app and we applied those learnings when building Reddit for iOS. Due to limited resources, we decided to focus our efforts on making Reddit for iOS our primary and official Reddit client. The new code base has allowed us to add features and build a stable client in a record amount of time. We hope to keep up the pace and deliver new updates at least once a month (hopefully even more often than that). – Alex Le, Reddit’s vice president of consumer product.

The new “Reddit: The Official App” is company’s first major effort to create its own application since 2014, when it acquired Alien Blue. However, we have to mention that the application for one of the most popular subreddits Ask Me Anything, was introduced two years ago but was abandoned later. Reddit used the knowledge gained by analyzing other unofficial Reddit apps, the company took the best  lessons from them.

Let’s hope that this app will get better ratings in the future (currently 3.3 from 324 users on PlayStore and 3.5 stars from 137 users on Apple’s Store) and that it will be THE ONE, whole Reddit community was expecting for years. But for now, enjoy the video:

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