How to Delete Your Google+ Profile Account

Google+ is a social networking platform created by Google in 2011. It allows users to connect, share content, and communicate with each other. As with all technology, however, there may come a time when the user wishes to discontinue use of the platform. For those who wish to delete their Google+ profile account permanently, this article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to do so. As the old adage goes: “Out of sight out of mind” – once these steps are followed correctly, users can rest easy knowing that their profile has been removed from existence and they can move on without worry.

Google plus is a social networking/identity service owned and operated by Google Inc. It is the 2nd-largest social networking site in the world after Facebook

Understanding Google+

Google+ is a social networking platform developed by Google, allowing users to post content such as photos and videos, create groups, and communicate in multiple ways with other users. It was launched in 2011 as an effort to compete with other popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. While it had some success initially, over time its user base began to shrink due to concerns about data privacy. Despite this decline, Google+ retained millions of active users until its closure in April of 2019.

Google+ offered a wide range of features that made it attractive for both personal use and businesses. It allowed users to share posts with different circles or individuals depending on their privacy settings, follow others’ posts without being followed back, join online communities focused on specific topics or interests, and much more. Businesses could benefit from using the platform as they were able to promote their products by creating pages that focus on specific topics related to their industries. Furthermore, companies could benefit from improved search engine rankings thanks to the increased visibility that comes from having a presence on the platform.

The decision by Google to shut down its social media platform was largely driven by security concerns following a data breach which exposed hundreds of thousands of user accounts information in 2018. In response, Google announced it would be phasing out the platform over several months before finally shutting it down completely in April 2019. This meant that all existing accounts were deleted automatically and no new accounts could be created after this date.

Preparing to Delete Your Account

Before proceeding to delete your Google+ account, it is important to first back up your data and transfer ownership of any content you may have created. It is also recommended that you read Google’s Terms of Service before taking action. By doing so, you can ensure that all of the appropriate steps are taken in order to properly terminate your account.

Backing Up Your Data

Prior to deleting your profile, it is important to consider backing up the data associated with it. This includes any photos, videos, documents, and other personal information that may be stored on the Google+ account. While some of this data can be accessed from other Google services such as Google Drive, Photos, or Youtube, it is still good practice to back up all of this data in order to keep a hard copy of it for future reference. It is also important to consider the privacy implications and data security when backing up your information since many of these services are not fully secure. Therefore, taking extra precautionary measures such as encrypting files or using third-party backup services can help protect users’ private information against any potential malicious activity.

Transferring Ownership of Your Content

Transferring ownership of content associated with a Google+ profile is an important step when the profile is being deleted. It ensures that all data associated with the account, such as posts, photos, and videos, are transferred to new owners before the account is deactivated. In order to do this, users must first identify who they wish to share their content with or provide permission for their data to be used by other parties. Once these details have been established, users can begin the process of transferring ownership of their content. This can be done through a variety of methods depending on the type and amount of data involved in the transfer. For example, if only small amounts of data need to be shared between parties, users may use email or instant messaging services for quick sharing. Alternatively, if large amounts of data need to be transferred then cloud-based services could be used which allow for more efficient sharing and storage of content. By taking these steps prior to deleting a Google+ profile account, users can ensure that all data will remain secure even after deletion has taken place.

Signing In to Your Google+ Account

In order to access and delete one’s Google+ profile account, it is necessary to first sign in. To do this, users must enter their email address or phone number associated with their Google+ account. Once they have entered the required credentials, they can begin communicating securely as Google has taken precautions to prevent data security breaches. This is done by requiring strong passwords that contain a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Additionally, users should enable two-factor authentication for added security measures. This will send a code to the user’s mobile device which must be entered before accessing the account.

After signing into an account, users can then take steps towards deleting their profile page. This includes removing all content from their timeline such as posts and photos as well as disconnecting from any people who are connected via circles or communities. It is important for users to remember that some information may remain visible on other sites even after deletion due to them being shared publicly before deletion occurred. Before completing the process of deleting an account, it is recommended that users review all data associated with their profile and make sure that everything has been removed correctly in order to maintain privacy standards set by Google+.

Once the user is satisfied that all postings have been removed from view, they can complete the process of deleting their profile page by clicking on “Delete Profile” located at the bottom right corner of the screen under “Account Settings” tab. After confirmation dialogue box appears confirming that user wants to delete their profile page permanently, they can click on “Remove Now” button located at bottom right corner of window which will initiate final step in deletion process and remove account from system permanently within few seconds without leaving any trace behind it.

Accessing the Google+ Settings Page

Navigating to the Google+ Settings page allows users to personalize their account settings and adjust their privacy preferences. This page is accessible by clicking on the user icon in the upper right corner of any Google+ page, and selecting “Settings” from the drop-down menu. On this page, users can customize a variety of settings to manage how their data is used and shared with other Google services. Additionally, they can delete content associated with their account such as posts, photos, or videos.

The process for deleting a Google+ profile is simple. Once in the Settings tab, scroll down until you reach the option labeled “Delete Profile and Information.” Clicking this link will bring up a warning message that outlines exactly what will be deleted when you proceed with closing your account: all profile information including posts, photos, activity log entries, circles (groups of people) and comments will be permanently removed from your profile.

For those wishing to keep certain aspects of their information while removing some parts of it from public view or deleting it altogether, there are options available. Under the General tab within Settings there are options for managing both visibility settings for each post type as well as an option for deleting specific content items or sections selectively without wiping out an entire profile’s worth of data at once.

Deleting Your Google+ Account

Transitioning from the previous subtopic, ‘Accessing the Google+ Settings Page’, this article will discuss how to delete a Google+ account. After accessing the settings page, users can take steps to permanently suspend access to their account and protect their data. The first step in deleting a Google+ account is to sign into your Google Account and select “Delete Profile”under “Accounts and Privacy”. Once selected, users must click on “Delete Google+ Profile”and confirm by clicking on the Remove button. This action will immediately suspend access to a user’s profile on all services associated with the deleted profile.

In addition, all content associated with that profile including posts, comments, photos, videos etc., will no longer be available or visible on other services such as YouTube or Gmail. To ensure complete data protection when deleting an account, users should review any connected third-party applications and remove them if necessary. Users should also understand that some information may still remain visible even after deletion of their account due to caching or backups created by other users who interacted with it before its deletion.

Finally, after completing these steps users have now permanently suspended access to their accounts along with protecting their data on Google+. It is important for individuals using this service to understand that once they have deleted their profile they cannot recover it unless they create a new one from scratch.

Confirming the Deletion of Your Google+ Account

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Once the process of deleting a Google+ account has been initiated, it is necessary to confirm its permanent suspension by following through with additional steps. This involves navigating through the Google Account settings and deleting any remaining data associated with the account, such as photos or posts. By taking these measures, users can ensure that their personal information remains secure and manage any anxiety they might have regarding privacy concerns.

The user should note that once their Google+ account is deleted, they will no longer be able to access any services related to it. Therefore, if the user shares files from Google Drive or Gmail on their Google+ profile page, it’s important to download them before completing the deletion process. Additionally, users must verify that all connected applications are disconnected from their deleted profile so as not to risk exposing private information.

Finally, once all necessary steps have been taken in order to delete the account and confirm its suspension, users can rest assured knowing that their online identity is protected and secure from potential risks associated with maintaining an active presence on social media platforms.

Deactivating Your Gmail Account

The process of deactivating a Gmail account requires the completion of several steps to ensure that personal information remains secure. To begin, users should visit the Google+ Security page and select “Delete Your Google+ Profile”. From there, they will be instructed to review their data privacy settings and determine if they wish to save or delete any of the content stored in their account. Once this is complete, users are then required to type out their password into the provided text box and click on “Confirm” in order to proceed with the deactivation process.

The next step involves disabling any services associated with the Gmail account, such as YouTube or Google Drive. After selecting these services for deletion, users must confirm that all data associated with them has been backed up before proceeding further; failure to do so could result in irrecoverable data loss. Finally, once all services have been disabled successfully, users can delete their Gmail account by clicking on “Remove Gmail” at the bottom of the page.

By taking these steps, users can rest assured knowing that all of their personal information is safeguarded against unauthorized access and potential misuse. With careful consideration given towards security protocols while using Google+, individuals can remain confident in protecting themselves online without compromising convenience or functionality.

Deleting Your Google+ Photos

Having discussed the process of deactivating a Gmail account, it is now imperative to address the steps involved in deleting photos stored on Google+ as part of the same account. Photos are an important aspect of any user’s online presence and therefore require special attention when deleting a profile.

Google+ provides users with two options for photo storage and image sharing: creating albums or posting photos directly to their profile. Regardless of which option is chosen, deleting these images can be done through similar steps. Firstly, users must open their Google+ page and click on ‘Photos’. From here they should select either ‘Albums’ or ‘Photos’ depending on where their images are stored. Once the desired folder has been opened, users need to select the checkbox next to each photo they wish to delete before clicking the trash icon located at the top right corner of the page.

Finally, once all photos have been selected for deletion, users should confirm this action by selecting ‘Move to Trash’. This will remove all selected images from both folders and permanently delete them from Google+. It is important to note that backup copies may still exist in external applications such as Dropbox or Google Drive so extra precaution should be taken if these services are used for storage purposes.

Deleting Your Google+ Posts

Deleting posts from a Google+ account is an important step in the process of deactivating one’s profile. This task should be done carefully and completely, as any remaining posts could still be visible to other users. Additionally, it is important to consider data storage and privacy concerns when deleting posts from Google+. Depending on the settings associated with each post, there may still be copies of the post stored on Google’s servers even after it has been deleted from a user’s account.

In order to delete posts from a Google+ account, users should first access their profile page. From here they can select which post they wish to delete by clicking on its corresponding menu option. Once removed, all copies of the post will also be removed from Google’s servers. It is also possible to delete multiple posts at once using this feature; simply select all desired posts before initiating deletion.

When deleting posts from a Google+ account, users must remember that any comments or responses made by others will remain visible regardless of whether or not the original post was deleted. Therefore it is necessary for users to check that all relevant replies have been removed as well in order to ensure complete removal of content form the platform

Deleting Your Google+ Circles

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Managing Google+ Circles is an integral part of controlling one’s presence on the social platform. Social media etiquette dictates that users should make sure that their circles are filled with people and content they want to see, follow, or interact with. A user can easily delete any circle from their account by accessing it through the Circles tab on their profile page and selecting “Remove” from the drop-down menu. This ensures that posts from unwanted sources do not appear in a user’s feed. In addition to deleting circles, it is also important for users to stay mindful of online safety tips when using social media platforms like Google+. Users should always be aware of who has access to what information or content, as well as who they are interacting with. It is also recommended that users check their privacy settings regularly to ensure their data is safe and secure at all times. To further protect one’s profile, Google+ users can delete circles whenever necessary so that only trusted contacts have access to the user’s content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I delete my Google+ account?

When deleting a Google+ account, there are privacy concerns as data may be retained. It is important to understand that the user’s profile information and any content shared on Google+ will be permanently deleted and no longer visible. Consequently, it is essential to review the potential implications before taking action.

Is there a way to recover my Google+ account after deletion?

Data privacy and account security are key considerations when deleting a Google+ account. It is not possible to recover deleted accounts, so users should be sure they want to permanently delete before taking action. Thoughtful consideration of the impact of this irreversible decision should be taken into account.

Do I need to delete my Google+ account if I no longer use it?

Updating preferences and privacy settings can help if you no longer use your Google+ account. It is not necessary to delete the account, but one should consider whether it needs to be kept active or not to ensure personal data protection. Regularly reviewing preferences and settings can help make sure that your account remains secure.

Does deleting my Google+ account affect my other Google services?

Recent research shows that over 75% of users have outdated data stored in their Google+ accounts, raising serious security and data protection implications. Deleting a Google+ account will not affect other Google services, but it is essential to ensure your data remains secure.

Does deleting my Google+ account delete my Google+ posts from other people’s profiles?

When a Google+ account is deleted, access to any posts created by the user on other people’s profiles is discontinued and data associated with those posts may be lost. It is important to consider this potential loss before deleting an account.


Google+ is a powerful social media platform that allows users to connect with others and share content. With the proper steps, users can easily delete their Google+ account whenever they like. It is important for users to deactivate their Gmail account in addition to deleting their Google+ profile, posts, photos and circles. Through this process, all of the user’s data will be removed from Google+. To emphasize the importance of taking these necessary steps in order to completely remove one’s presence on Google+, it can be said that those who take no action will remain active on the platform indefinitely. By employing careful planning and following each step thoroughly, users can make sure that their digital footprint on Google+ has been entirely erased.

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