Firefox 15 for iOS Features Improved Private Browsing

Photo of Firefox mozilla homepage on a iphone screen.
Mozilla Firefox has launched Firefox 15.0 for iOS devices with a few feature to simplify Private Mode, plus a few more additions.

Mozilla Firefox is one internet browser that is regularly launching updated versions, which its users appreciate and find quite useful. The latest Mozilla update is for the iOS-specific Firefox version 15.0.

There are a few things worth noting in this new version, but the one major feature that is being highlighted relates to Firefox’s Private Browsing utility—the new update makes the browsing experience more seamless for users, with tabs continuing their place even when a session is closed.

Private Browsing Mode Is Often Useful

The concept of private browsing is not new, and practically every browser has it. As you may know, there will be record of the pages you visited with the private browser, but it will not leave behind any trace in the memory of the computer or device you are using.

The immediate purpose it serves is to protect your browsing history from being seen by others. If your device is shared at home or at your place of work, and if you don’t want other people to nosily dig back on what you were up to on the internet, the Firefox Private Browsing feature is the best bet.

Firefox 15 for iOS Makes It Easier

With the new version, Firefox 15.0 for iOS, Mozilla has simplified the option for users. They can now switch between private browsing and standard browsing seamlessly.

The Firefox Private Browsing window now holds its place so users can carry on browsing in tabs opened in their previous sessions. The understanding here is that the user has a purpose to use the Private Browsing and unless they deliberately disable the mode, the Firefox browser keeps it in the Private Browsing mode.

This applies across apps as well. In the normal circumstances, if you had forgotten to switch to the Private Browsing mode, then you would have had to go to your settings and delete the browsing history. That can be inconvenient if you want some pages to remain in your history for you to go back to easily.

Homepage of popular and free internet browser Mozilla Firefox on a display of PC.
Another new feature within the organization of tabs in the Firefox 15 iOS browser enables the users to rearrange or drag a tab and drop it for later reference.

Explaining how to access the Private Browsing tab on your Firefox 15 for iOS browser, there is a mask icon that appears on the tab view button. On clicking the mask button, a Private Browsing tab opens for you to make the entry on the URL window.

The other option to open up the Private Browsing tab is to keep the current page-link on the screen pressed with the cursor for a few seconds before a popup appears with the choice to open the link in a new Private tab.

Other Improvements in Firefox 15

There are some other changes that Mozilla has added in its new update as well. One relates to the organization of new tabs on the Firefox browser. In this, you can park the new tabs within the Bookmarks section of Firefox Home. This is again an improvement with the convenience of the users kept in view.

Another new feature within the organization of tabs in the Firefox 15 iOS browser enables the users to rearrange or drag a tab and drop it for later reference.

A few more changes include making the look and feel more towards what you get to see with the other operating systems like Windows. One such is the 3-4 line “Hamburger” menu option. This route helps you to go directly to the Library section, which is the place to store all your downloads or review links you’ve saved for later. Your browsing history is also stored in the Library.

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