Facebook Messenger Privacy – How to Stop Sharing Your Location

Facebook Messenger Privacy – How to Stop Sharing Your Location

We all know that Facebook collects multiple information about us, but those who use Facebook messenger they share their location too. Facebook Messenger app logs location in any message you send and it displays a small blue GPS icon on the right of the text box. Problem is that location is embedded in the message header, meaning that location info will be sent even you actively choose not to do so. And at this point only question is: What about facebook messenger privacy?

Some guy has taken advantage of this feature and developed a chrome extension called Marrauders Map, that allows you to check location of every person that has every sent you a message allowing disruption of facebook messenger privacy. The extension allows you to see all that collected data at once to make it easy to track everywhere your friends have been. Thankfully, security zap is here to help you, for the sake of your privacy and security.

How to Protect My Facebook Messenger Privacy?

On Android:

  1. Settings > Location Services
  2. Uncheck the box that enables location services (disable location services)

On iOS:

  1.  Settings > Privacy > Location Services
  2. Find Facebook Messenger on the list and set the location option to off

That prevents Messenger from sending your location with future messages, but unfortunately you are not able to delete old location data. Due to this Facebook Messenger Privacy issue if someone used the extension mentioned above, they’d still be able to track your previous locations pretty easily.

Image Courtesy AndroidCentral

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