Get Your Windows 10 Right Now Without Waiting

Get Your Windows 10 Right Now Without Waiting

If you are refreshing Windows update on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 and Windows 10 update takes forever, than we have a simple solution in order to upgrade your Windows instantly.

In case you are not aiming for a clean install and just want to update and save your files and settings follow these steps:

1. Back up all your data first! As with any upgrade, we recommend backing up before continuing.

2. Visit Microsoft page and download Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool.

3. Launch it!

4, Select the “Upgrade This PC” option and click Next.

5. Allow some time for a Creation Tool to process all the data and files. After that Windows 10 will be automatically installed on your computer.

Yes it’s that easy. However it was reported that process might take longer than it was in cases of previous versions.

Some users were receiving a strange error “Something Happened”. In order to Something Happened issue change your region to English United States through Region-> Administrative Tab->Change System Locale->English United States

2 thoughts on “Get Your Windows 10 Right Now Without Waiting

  1. Hi. Thank you for you comment! We have updated article about Something Happened error and provided a fix (located in the last paragraph). Please tell us if it works for you. Have a safe day online

  2. Except it’s often not that easy. Plenty of people are getting the amazingly descriptive “Something Happened” error.

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