How To Use Messaging App Signal for Android

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Signal is a mobile app that allows users to send end-to-end encrypted texts, pictures, calls, group chats, video calls, and auto-deleting messages.

With widespread hackings becoming increasingly common, it’s become very difficult to keep digital communications private.

It’s a relatively easy feat for hackers to access our digital files and extract sensitive information.

Use of SMS communication is one of the platforms most prone to interceptions.

But how can you keep yourself safe from such cyber-attacks? Use of encrypted messaging apps is one of the best ways out there.

While there are several apps for your Android device to choose from, Signal is one of the messaging encryption apps that is receiving positive reviews from users.

Signal is an encryption tool that allows users to send text messages and calls using data.

Its main advantage is that the content of the message can only be seen on by the sender and the intended recipient, with man-in-the-middle attacks largely mitigated.

It is a user-friendly app, and thus any person owning a smartphone can use it by following a few steps.

These are the main steps on how to setup and use the Signal app for Android:

1. Download the App

The Signal app is found on the Google Play Store for free.

All you need is to type in the name or the first letters, and the app will appear.

You should be careful with some of the apps that may have coined their name from Signal, though – there are several unofficial copies out there.

You must be very particular with what you are searching for by entering in the right name “Signal” and not selecting a variant from the Google Play Store.

2. Install the app

This step is essential particularly if you don’t have all of the information about Signal.

Do not rush into tapping the Accept without reading the permissions listing or the terms and conditions.

You need to know what you are getting yourself into, what they are offering, and what they are guaranteeing (or not guaranteeing).

If you are satisfied with their terms and conditions, you can proceed with the installation.

Tap accept and let the installation process to complete without interference.

Do not try to stop the process, and it would be better to avoid using the phone for any other task until the process of installation is successfully completed.

3. Launch the App and Sign up

Once the Signal installation finishes, the launcher will appear on the home screen.

If you cannot find it there, it should be within your App drawer.

Just touch the icon to launch Signal.

After Signal has been launched, you will be required to register with your device cellphone number.

It is important to confirm your number before submitting it.

Immediately after you have keyed in the number and tap “Next,” Signal will verify your number by sending a text message with averification code.

You need to key in the code for the app to be functional.

In most cases, Signal will automatically recognize the codes once you receive the text message.

You may be required to set Signal as the default SMS app.

If you would want it to be, then follow the provided steps.

It will be prudent to have Signal to be your default SMS app for your message to be in one place and ensure that all of your messaged are secured with their end-to-end encryption.

cellphone with signal interface
Sending messages on this app is as easy as the default messaging app

4. Send the message

Sending messages with the signal is very easy.

First, the recipient must also have the app installed.

Otherwise, if you are trying to send the message to a contact that has not installed Signal, they will receive a non-encrypted text message.

To get started with sending a text message, you just need to tap the “pencil” icon – it will provide you with all the contacts in your device.

At this point, the app should tell you who in your contacts is already using the Signal and who is not.

Select the contact, type the text message, and tap “Send” to send the text message.

Signal will also allow you to invite your friends who are yet to install the app.

Using the Signal app for Android is that simple.

Just follow a few steps and start enjoying chatting and sending material without fear of data interception.

Signal also provides the use with encrypted voice calling, video calls, group chatting, and self-destructing messages.

If you want to share sensitive data/information such as business information, mission critical, or personal information without worrying some could be snooping around, Signal is one of the more reputable apps to use – the security of your data is guaranteed.

One thought on “How To Use Messaging App Signal for Android

  1. I have been using Signal for a long time now. However I don’t think it is very good to have connected the phone number to the signal account. In a group chat I can see every phone number of every member. Some of my encryption buddies now told me to switch to Threema, where a complete anonymous usage is possible. However I think due to the common use of signal I will use it much more.

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