The Definition and Benefits of Private Cloud Computing

Private Cloud

Cloud computing allows corporate to use a network of remotely hosted server, located on the Internet. This technology evolution has enabled companies to enhance their flexibility and reduce cost. Private cloud computing is a form of cloud computing that entails separate and secure cloud-based environment that only specified client can operate. The client has a personal cloud and the suitable hardware to access the information.  In addition, various users within the specific company can access the cloud. This type of clouding has numerous benefits as discussed below.

Enhanced Security

When you have a private corporate cloud, you have dedicated software and a server that serves your company exclusively. A private server means that your information is not vulnerable unlike in public clouds where the data might be prone to hacking.

Further, using a private server allows your company to implement security measures to secure the data. You can use anti-virus, install a firewall and put physical security at the location of your servers. You have can consult with your cloud computing service providers any time you want.

Improved Flexibility

Changing from physical servers to internal cloud leads to improved flexibility. The service provider can disassemble your server and spin it up conveniently. It is easy to work on the virtual server because you can add more space and enhance the performance within seconds.

Consequently, you will save time that you would otherwise spend trying to get an extra storage space on a physical server.  It is important to note that your computing service provider can reallocate resources accordingly to improve company operations.

Enhanced Resource Management

Private cloud computing allows you to utilize the hardware with enhanced resource management. When you have virtual servers in place, you improve the value of your hardware. You can combine various virtual servers in one physical location and share resources.

Consequently, you reduce the power consumption and save space. The users can access the data from the virtual servers, and it is easy to share resources. In this regard, you can manage the servers with ease because you can replicate the servers for better productivity.

Reduced Operation Cost and Proper Time Management

Apart from the enhanced security and virtualization, corporate cloud lowers the operating cost and eliminates time wasting factors. It is, indeed, cheaper when you host your servers. In addition, it is also cheaper when you buy private servers from cloud computing service providers. It is cheaper for a company with many servers to use a centralized dedicated server with a dedicated SAN. It is important to note that public cloud computing introduced the information management systems. However, private servers improved the service by customizing it to suit each client’s needs.

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