NSA Chief to Head Cyber Security Team of President Obama

In a recent push to the cyber security developments, president Obama has considered offering a structure to the panel that has been offered a key role in securing the critical infrastructure of the US government. During the waning period of the administration of the current president of the United States of America, the activities for laying a firm base for the critical digital infrastructure of the government in full swing.

In a recent statement, the president stated that the digital age is proving out to be a double edged sword. It is delivering a plethora of incredible opportunities on one side and on the other side it is presenting complex security challenges to the whole world. The world is getting more and more vulnerable owing to the threats being posed in the digital age.

The Cyber Security National Action Plan of the US government has called for the creation of a commission in order to develop a strong security framework for the federal agencies. For this, the government is considering teaming up with the business community to offer a coordinated system in dealing with the cyber security threats. This public private team up would be chaired by Tom Donilon who was the president’s former National Security Advisor. The vice-chair of the commission would be the former CEO of IBM, Sam Palmisano.

This announcement hasn’t left anybody surprised. This actually makes sense as the chairman of the committee understands the national and government security issues. Having a vice chairman from the private sector would enable in understanding of the intimate concepts of the world of computing. Cyber security received a key focus this year and has been in the news from a couple of months. The entire world is concerned about the increasing cyber attacks and there is a need to revamp the entire security structure to defend governmental organizations, private institutions and as well as people from the threats in the cyber space.

President Obama recently addressed several issues including IT issues and offered a high priority to beefing up the cyber security. He recently stated that enormous progress has been made in this front and the team plans to upgrade several systems being used in the governmental organizations. This is being done to patch the security vulnerabilities the entire system is being exposed to. The president is stressing more and more on increasing the funds fir cyber security and is determined to make the government free of cyber security vulnerabilities.

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