Proxy Sites of 2019

Proxy sites are very popular these days. Many governments tend to censor communications. Even in workplaces, some companies are blocking different internet resources.

There are multiple methods to get rid of those problems like VPN and Proxies. Some services are fast and some have better anonymity. In this post, we decided to show you the list of top proxy sites and servers with different features.

Please note, Proxy services are extremely unsafe. The proxy service itself can change the content you are viewing to anything they want, they can hijack your data, steal your information, they are not encrypted so anyone can see what you are doing, you can be traced, and they are useless for streaming media. They do have some very good uses but not if you are after anonymity, or want to unlock blocked content.

If you want to access blocked sites, use the proxy to transmit sensitive data or value your privacy then you need to use a VPN instead. You can find the best VPN’s at


But before you skip to list of best proxy sites , we recommend setting your browser according to below mentioned information:


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down and click “Show advanced settings
  3. Under Network click Change Proxy Settings
  4. Under Connections tab click LAN Settings
  5. Uncheck Automatically Detect Settings
  6. Check Use a proxy server for your LAN
  7. Enter IP address and Port
  8. Click OK

It should look like this:

configure proxy
configure proxy


  1. Go to Options
  2. Advanced
  3. Under Connections field, click Settings
  4. Choose Manual Proxy Configuration
  5. Enter IP Address and Port number

Proxy Sites List 2019

These proxy sites allow you to visit blocked sites (unblock websites) and provide users with anonymity. However, you are advised to check privacy policy of each site in order to ensure full anonymity:

College Online 29 –

JavaScript Proxy –

School Unlocker –

The Web Tunnel –

Best Proxy Solution –

Gold Web Proxy –

Unlock Internet Sites  –

Proxify –

Ninja Clock –

AnonyMizer –

kProxy –

BlewPass –

Zfreez –

Vobas –

Don’t Filter –

Vtunnel – –

New Ip Now – –

4everproxy –

Unblock My Web –

YouTube Unblock Proxy –

Working Proxy –

Free Open Proxy –

Unblock YouTube Free –

Free YouTube –

HideOnline Proxy –

Rapid Proxy –

Unblock YouTube Beat School –

Hiding Your Info –

Unblocker –

Fast USA Proxy –

YouTube Free Proxy –

Quickproxy –

Defilter –

Free Proxy Server –

Free YouProxyTube –

The Best Proxy –


Just Proxy –

Proxy-2014 –

VPN Browse –

ProxyOne –

Web Proxy Free –

Hide The Internet –

Greatest Free Proxy –

Proxay –

ViewTube –

PRO Unblock –

Working Proxy –

Star Doll Proxy –

HideMyAss UK –

Proxy 4 Freedom –

WebSurf Proxy –

Fish Proxy –

DZ Hot –

1FreeProxy –

Sporium –

Jezus Loves This Proxy –

London Proxy –

You Liaoren –

Zacebook PK –

Justun Block IT –

Network ByPass –

Go Proxy –

Proxy This –

Me Hide –

Zalmos –

kProxy Site –

Xite Now –

Hidden Digital –

Intern Cloud –

PRO Intern –

Fast Time –

Work Host –

Travel VPN –

Proxy Call MeNames –

Host App –

Fun Proxy –

FilterByPass –

Unlock My Web –

Proxy Site –

Free YouTube Proxy –

England Proxy –

Web Surf –

Proxy Power –

SSL Proxy –

The List of Proxy Servers



HTTP (China)

HTTPS (China)


If you want to find information about best VPN Services, then click this link.

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  1. 3 (Hutchinson) Ireland are pretending to have an ADULT BLOCKER, but are in fact BLOCKING anti-Zionist; Pro/anti-Islam’ pro-any question on the Jews and Nazis. I tried to purchase Viagra, but was blocked. As a 65 year old man, 3 Ireland wanted my passport or my driving licence! What the fuck is going on/.

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