Lizard Squad Attacks Blizzard’s with DDoS

Blizzard is experiencing a heavy DDoS attack and all games powered by are unavailable for gamers from EU and US. The attack was targeting’s data-centers.

The hacking group Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for the attack. The notorious cyberattack group Lizard Squad began spreading alleged personal information for key Blizzard personnel including chief executive officer Mike Morhaime, but the validity of the information needs to be checked.

Lizard Squad has also retweeted a post showing an unidentified person breaking into Blizzards employee database and finding a data such as phone numbers, emails and other sensitive information.

Some gamers suggest that the attack is connected to Blizzard’s “inapropriate” move to shut down Nostalrius (the most popular private server of World of Warcraft).

Blizzard has issued a statement on its official forum concerning the DDoS issue:

It looks like we experienced a potential DDoS on one of our datacenters. Initial impact appears to have ended and our engineers put up some buffers to resolve the issue, and realms should start recovering. We’re continuing to monitor and work on mitigating the impact. Apologies for the inconvenience, and we’ll be sure to provide updates as they continue to come in.

We will update you regarding this matter as soon as we get a new information!


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