L00F Group Hacked NASA and Shared Top Secret Data!

Today, Security Zap was contacted by hacking group going by the name L00F. L00F has participated in many anti-governmental and pro-crypto-anarchist attacks in the past against USA, Russia, Great Britain, Sweden and Japan. The world has not heard from them for more than 8 years!

According to Z3n01d a guy, or girl, who claims to be the official representative of L00F, the group has been conducting clandestine operations against NASA for the past 7 year. They have uncovered multiple zero-day vulnerabilities in governmental infrastructure and SCADA systems that allowed them to bypass top security measures used by NASA and interconnected CIA/NSA hub.

As the group claims, thanks to cyber security capabilities, they were able to steal IDs and Security pass hashes from NASA, allowing 4 L00F members to physically infiltrate organizations and steal top secret data.

l00f message
l00f message

We contacted Z3n01d multiple times to receive information about what was encrypted in the image that was sent to us, but we received only one message “OPENPUFF.3×3 – PASS: Z3n01dl00f”. OpenPuff is a steganography toollkit which allows users to uncover data hidden into the image.

We have uncovered many images and scanned documentation in PDF from the year 1921 to 2015, most of the information concerns extraterrestrial live forms, human experiments, deadly organic virus creation and marianas web.  Some images and documents are very disturbing, we are in process of analyzing this huge dump and will provide details later.

Since our website is indexed and monitored by search engines we prefer not to publish information directly. But we have the main file, the image that will help you to uncover top secret data gathered by L00F. Image itself makes no sense and looks like this:

Truth Has Been Told - l00f
Truth Has Been Told – l00f

We used following method to uncover part of data.

  1. Download the image from here (its a .rar file to prevent overwriting of the metadata by Google)
  2. Fire up OpenPuff
  3. Click unhide
  4. Uncheck Enable B and C in Cryptography (A) use the password provided above.
  5. Click add carriers and choose the image
  6. Click unhide and choose location of output
  7. Open .txt file for private links to .onion and strange .mranas links (probably leading to marianas web but we don’t know how to use them yet)

Do at your own risk! Share and let us know what you think!

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