Hackers Could Potentially Turn Your Sex Robot into a Killer

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Experts warn that cybercriminals could easily turn sex robots into vicious killers, hacking the inner defenses to turn a machine against its owner.

Sex robots have become a new focus for research in the cybersecurity community. Experts that study hacking trends are concerned with the ethical issues the technology poses in modern-day society.

In his research, hacking and cyber security expert and Deakin University lecturer Dr. Nick Patterson says the public needs to understand that apart from the foreseen social and technological revolution these new devices bring, a simple hacking operation can turn robots into killing machines.

An attacker with hacking capabilities could unexpectedly gain control of your robot for an advantageous scenario or with intent to cause damage.

This particularly places sex robots as a very worrisome product in the modern world of technology.

A Real, Serious Hacking Threat

Researchers predict that realistic sex robots will become more common over the next two decades.

There are about five established makers these types of machines worldwide; therefore, we can expect more realistic iterations in the future with the ability to move, talk and have facial expressions like a human partner.

This technology is extremely controversial presently, with opinions being voiced on all sides about whether or not robotics meant for sex have a place in modern society.

While some people support their use to minimize cases of rape and pedophilia, renowned scientists from different parts of the world warn about the “dark side” of this technology.

There is a distinct possibility that hacking parties will be capable of controlling sex robotic machines remotely.

After all, they increasingly do so with computers, tablets, smartphones, TV’s, security cameras and virtually any other device we would think of.

Hacking Robotic Machines to Do Harm

Sex robots, just like any other electronic device, will require an operating system and internet connection to receive firmware updates automatically.

If the machine has an internet connection, then this will be a major point of weakness—a loophole for hacking.

Any connection to the global cyberspace will invite hackers and other adversaries to scheme nefarious attacks on the user.

According to Dr. Patterson, it is very easy to take over devices remotely, something no one would expect with sex robots.

This is a reason why these devices are potentially lethal.

Dr. Patterson claims that it is possible for people with hacking skills to turn your sex robot into a killer machine; all it takes is a process of hacking into the system to gain full privileges.

When hackers gain control of the robot’s arms or legs, a lot of damage could potentially be done.

Unlike human beings, artificial intelligence-powered machines are very strong, some weighing over 200 pounds.

As well, robots can be stabbed without showing any signs of weakness. A hacked sex robot can, therefore, take on weaponry (including knives or other welding devices) to cause damage, which includes harming the owner.

Artificial Intelligence Gaining Traction Globally

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Killer machines are predicted 33 years ago by a sci-fi film

Fear of killer machines, as predicted 33 years ago in ‘The Terminator’ film, is becoming more real with the frightening combination of advanced technology and hacking capabilities.

This is not the first instance we are hearing scientists warn about killer robots and their potential to cause extreme damage.

Recently, Elon Musk co-signed a petition to the United Nations in a bid to prevent the military in developed countries from using artificial intelligence to create autonomous killing machines as part of the army.

Although the U.N. is yet to acknowledge this great threat, it implies that we should be excited and equally afraid of the advancing robotics technology.

Sex robots bring in a substantial debate right now.

While some people claim they are helpful to those unable to form relationships, others say the machines will promote rape culture, in that men will hold less respect for women.

However, it is unclear how far things will get with sex robots becoming of great interest to companies exploring AI capabilities.

But in the coming generations, these types of machines will be more realistic, with advanced personalities and human-like traits.

Although killer robotics technology may not come in place in the next few years, the security precautions for these machines remains unclear, and we can expect more unusual scenarios involving hacking in the near future.

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