ISIS Hackers Hijack British Government Emails

ISIS Hackers Hijack British Government Emails

Lately Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has uncovered a major security breach in which ISIS hackers were able to hijack top secret emails from the British government.

It was discovered that cyber terrorist’s main targets were Prime Minister David Cameros and his most senior ministers including the Minister of Home Secretary Theresa May.

According to GCHQ’s investigation there is a high possibility that extremist’s gained access to the list of events attended by government representatives and the Royal family.

It is still unclear what information the extremists were able to access. However, officials were told to tighten security procedures, including changing passwords.

The ISIS cyber threat’s were first uncovered by GCHQ investigation in May, were extremist hackers were planing to initiate cyber attacks on Britain. In the last week one of the leading pro-terrorist hackers was killed in a drone attack, this event might irritate ISIS and more cyber attacks might be in planning.

The disclosure shows how the so-called “war on terror” has developed because of IS’ cyber capabilities – computer hackers are known to have been recruited by the group to “actively target the West”.

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