Instagram Launches Two-Factor Authentication

With cyber security concerns bothering the entire world, Instagram, the popular micro-blogging platform has started rolling out a security feature recently. This feature is being referred to as the two-factor authentication by the company. This new feature will permit the users of the platform to add and carry out the verification of the phone number on which the user chooses to receive the notifications. This would happen whenever the user tries to log in to the Instagram account.

Engadget reported that the app update would be rolled out in a pretty slow manner. This implies that it would require some time till the users start making use of the added security feature being rolled out by the company. The new feature is being tested as per few reports doing over the web.

Instagram is a very popular social networking forum. It boasts of 400 million users over the web. The users of the app are the bigwigs from almost all the industries including entrepreneurial giants, consumer brands and technology and entertainment giants. Owing to the popularity of the platform, there are pretty high chances that the accounts of the users may be targeted by hackers.

The two-factor authentication being slowly rolled out would serve as a barrier to the hackers who are trying to access any sort of data from the accounts of Instagram users. The process of authentication requires the users to carry out their mobile number verification on which the login notifications would be sent. An authentication code would be sent to the users on the registered phone number which needs to be entered by the users along with their email address and password. The log in procedure would be completed only of the user authentication has been confirmed by the code that has been sent in form of a text message (SMS) on the registered phone number of the user.

The update as of now is being rolled in stages to ensure that it is easy to use and free of bugs. The two-factor authentication process is entirely optional. This can be turned off manually by accessing the settings. An official date hasn’t been announced by the company for expecting the roll out of the security feature. The two-factor authentication process is quite common in an age where cyber security is vulnerable. The most sought after targets these days are the popular Instagram users such as celebs and sports stars. This security feature would offer a relief to them.

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