Cyber Attack on Bundestag

According to Spiegel the national parliament of Germany, Bundestag, has been targeted by a major cyber attack allowing unknown perpetrators to penetrate internal network. According to Bundestag speaker Ernst Hebeker, the Bundestag administration and the experts of Federal Office for IT Security (BSI) are currently analyzing the cyber attack in order to fix the security hole.

Several days ago IT specialists of Bundestag have noticed these attacks in which hackers tried to gain access to internal data. Currently it is unclear what kind of data has been affected. On Friday morning, the IT departments of several parliamentary groups have reported to their representatives and employees about “security incident” in the data network of the Parliament. For safety reasons parts of the Bundestag system had been temporarily shut down.

According to information obtained by SPIEGEL ONLINE specialists call this incident severe, therefore even members of BSI are on site.


One thought on “Cyber Attack on Bundestag

  1. I believe they have been preparing for very long for this attack! Might be state sponsored too!

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