Cloudminr Hacked – User DB on Sale

Cloudminr Hacked – User DB on Sale

Today, popular cloud mining service welcomed its users with a  entire user database containing usernames, emails and passwords. As it seems the website is on sale and hackers have taken an advantage and currently have a full control over the server.

Hackers offer 1 BTC (Currently 307$) for 70,267 unencrypted user:email:password list.

cloudminr hacked
Cloudminr Hacked

This is probably another proof that poor security practices and negligence to users privacy always results in such security breaches which expose users sensitive information and will destroy any business. For some (yet) unknown reason, the passwords and other user information for the entirety of the database were not stored as a hash. Just as likely and/or possible is that an employee was compromised, and the hashed data was then potentially accessible that way.

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