Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Uncovered

Perhaps you have been wondering what Bitcoins are. Possibly you already know that Bitcoin is a super revolutionary digital currency developed around Blockchain and can be used to trade. Blockchain is the heart of bitcoins. It is a complicated cryptographic protocol and a global computer network that monitors and verifies the spending of bitcoins.

Who created Bitcoins?

The person who created this smart system and revolutionary currency had to be a scientist. In fact, he must have special cryptographic skills and good imagination that are rare to find. Until recently, all that was known is that Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Satoshi Nakamoto has always been the mysterious creator that nobody had an opportunity to meet or know. Behind this name, there is someone out there that deserves all the praise and awards for their hard work. This Person has been identified as an Australian Entrepreneur according to Wired and Gizmodo during private investigations. There is evidence that proves that Craig Steven Wright is the creator of this world changing currency.

UPDATE 1: After multiple posts about his relations to Bitcoin creation, Craig Steven Wright has ‘cleared’ his LinkedIn profile.

UPDATE 2: Craig Steven Wright Confirmed that he is Satoshi Nakamoto by providing encryption keys for very first Bitcoin.

Wright apparently knew about Bitcoins before it was ever made public in 2009. He posted blog posts seeking expertise on the cryptographic protocol, has sent emails linked to Satoshi Nakamoto and some leaked or hacked documents also prove that he is the creator of Bitcoin.

Police search his home

Hours after Wright was identified as the creator of Bitcoins, his home was invaded by the Police. We anticipated that they wanted to find the evidence that proves he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Many people believed that this whole story could be a hoax. They did not believe that a simple man like Wright could be behind this super Creation. In the mix of all things, his Sydney home was searched by Police officers on Wednesday. They wore white gloves and could be seen searching cupboards and surfaces of the garage. To gain entry, they forced the door open.

What are the Police looking for?

Wright has been reported to have 1.1 million bitcoins in a trust fund just like Nakamoto. Not even that attracted the Police. They were hunting after something else. The Sydney Police claims that this search was not associated with the claims of him being involved in creating Bitcoins. The search was related to the Australian Taxation office Investigation. Wright appears to be persuading the Australian Taxation office to tax his bitcoin holdings as a currency and not as an asset.

So far all the above are just assumptions and the real Satoshi Nakamoto could be out there enjoying his life. Although there is evidence, it could be that Wright is the wrong person. But why would Wright persuade the Australian Taxation office to tax his bitcoin holdings as a currency if he is not the creator? This is a big question that needs to be answered. Nevertheless, whether or not he is the creator, Bitcoin will always remain a huge invention of our time!

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