Beware of the Pro Pos Malware

What is Pro Pos Malware?

“If Retailers are not careful, Consumer pockets will be milked dry this festive season”

Are you going to be shopping for Christmas? Shopping is fun and while most of us are planning on buying Gifts for Family members Pro Pos have decided otherwise.

So what is Pro Pos? Also called Pro Pos Stealthy Malware this is a deadly POS Malware that is believed to be good at avoiding antivirus protection.


How does it work?

This Malware is very light at 76 kb,  however it packs mechanisms not to be detected by any antivirus that you may have recently bought with your hard earned cash. It also has root kit functionalities. The developers are so good that they have developed and integrated a polymorphic engine that ensures each build to have a different signature. This is very smart Technology which makes it difficult to trace the Malware.

How will it affect you?

This newly released Malware can scrape your credit card data and has already successfully done so in the US. Many Retailers suffered when this Malware came out and it took a while before they could figure out what the root cause was. The next time you go out shopping beware of this. But mostly Importantly Retailers should put in extra effort to protect their customers.

How does the Creator Benefit?

It seems that the Malware is not being sold yet. The creators are making money by stealing credit card information and using the information. This is a deadly one as Consumers will not know whether a certain Point of sale system has been affected.

Now that you have the required information, do not become a Victim of this Malware. This is new and difficult to detect all the hashes are different and unique in the system of the Retailer!

This Malware was discovered last Month when many shoppers were shopping for Thanksgiving. They knew that many people will be shopping during that time thus they decided to launch it. Retailers such as Stores, Hotels and Health Clinics are all affected as long as they use the POS system.

What is the Solution?

Perhaps we can go back to the old way of doing things and cut out the POS system completely! Maybe we should use the Current POS systems as they are and not upgrade them. Would that help? Perhaps not, as we do not know how this Malware is being transferred from one system to another. The Market is in need of protection from this Malware now more than ever!

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