All Anti Hacking Team Patches

All Anti-Hacking Team Patches

As we have already revealed, Hacking Team was using a bunch of zero-day exploits in Flash, Internet Explorer, and Java using Hacking Team emails. If for some unfathomable reason you’re still using those programs, you should probably download today’s patches.


New Flash Player v. fixes two major vulnerabilities and one of them is “the most beautiful Flash bug for the last four years” as claimed by the Hacking Team itself. Both flaws are exploitable via code that is already published online, so if you must use Flash please take a moment to update this program.

Adobe has also released new Acrobat and Shockwave player.


Oracle released a patch for Java that fixes 24 vulnerabilities and +1 that has been actively exploited in the wild to breach Java running systems.

The latest version, Java 8 Update 51, is available from and lets users to disable Java content in web browsers through the Java Control Panel. Alternatively, consider a dual-browser approach, unplugging Java from the browser you use for everyday surfing, and leaving it plugged in to a second browser that you only use for sites that require Java.


Microsoft fixed dozens of vulnerabilities in Windows and related software today. A cumulative patch for Internet Explorer fixes 28 bugs in the default Windows browser. 3 of them includes one zero-day vulnerability used by Hacking Team. Most of those Internet Explorer flaws can allow users to infect their systems just by browsing a malicious web page.

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend to completely disable or remove flash player and java from you computers unless exclusively necessary.

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