Avast Releases Its 2018 Antivirus Software Range


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Avast’s 2018 antivirus software blocks viruses and other malware while offering real-time protection and user privacy in a number of host features.

Avast Antivirus is among the most popular, comprehensive and efficient antivirus programs. The brand’s reliability and trustworthiness can be attributed to some key features including a user-friendly interface, optimized scanning options and the regular update of its virus definitions database.

In a bid to meet the current security needs, Avast has released its 2018 antivirus software range. This includes updates for other Avast products such as Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Ultimate, Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier.

As a leading antivirus company, Avast is concerned about the increased security threats and evolving malicious codes that attackers could use to harm users’ devices and invade their privacy.

In the 2018 updates, the company has rolled out more than 15 features to enhance protection and privacy capabilities within the programs.

On Protection:

  1. Real-time PC protection – Dubbed an “intelligent antivirus,” Avast’s 2018 update detects and blocks phishing attempts, viruses, spyware, Trojans, ransomware and other types of malware using smart analytics before the programs affect users.
  2. Smart Scan – Detects loopholes through which malware might slip into the system. These include unsafe settings, weak passwords, outdated software and suspicious add-ons.
  3. Automatic Software Updater – This feature keeps your application programs and other software up to date with the latest patches and performance upgrades to decrease vulnerability to attacks.
  4. Sandbox – It detects, tests and plays suspicious files, including media, in a safe environment before running them on your computer to ensure they do not cause damage.
  5. New Ransomware Shield – Extra ransomware protection for the most important files, which prevents untrusted apps from modifying, deleting or encrypting them. Hackers have been known to blackmail users with ransomware attacks and demand an average of $600 from the victim.
  6. CyberCapture – CyberCapture automatically sends suspicious files in the cloud for analysis, and protects all Avast users if a threat is confirmed.
  7. Anti-spam – Avoids spam and any other malicious content in emails, so that you can focus on important communications. The anti-spam feature works by blocking harmful messages and email attachments, a common malware distribution mechanism.
  8. Wi-Fi Inspector – It automatically detects weaknesses in your local Wi-Fi, as well as adversaries trying to infiltrate your network. It ensures the network is secure by scanning, finding and fixing vulnerabilities found.
  9. Firewall – An essential security feature that prevents unauthorized third parties and malicious applications from harming the user. It monitors and controls all incoming and outgoing connections on your computer.
  10. Avoid fake websites – Avast will provide users with secure Domain Name System (DNS) settings to protect you from hackers who redirect you to fake sites intending to steal sensitive credentials such as banking details.
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Dubbed an “intelligent antivirus

On Privacy:

  1. Avast Webcam Shield (Protect your webcam) – Avoid webcam spying and snooping for good. The new Webcam shield requires applications to request for permission before using the webcam. It also gives the user total control over the webcam; with the ability to select users or applications that can access the webcam. The feature also allows you to disable or enable your webcam any time you wish.
  2. Data Shredder – Permanently shreds sensitive files to avoid recovery after you’ve deleted them. This tool will be very beneficial if you wish to lend, sell or throw out your device.
  3. Password protection – Allows users to lock all their accounts with a single secure password. Avast will manage them for you so that you can log in easily and securely.

Other Features in the 2018 Update:

  1. Rescue Disk (The ultimate backup) – Creates a Rescue Disk image on a USB drive or CD for rebooting a computer that is too infected to start.
  2. Passive Mode – Allows you to run another antivirus program but still enjoy Avast features.
  3. Game Mode – Automatically puts notifications on hold so that you enjoy your gaming sessions and other full-screen experiences.
  4. Browser Cleanup – Removes useless toolbars, browser extensions and other add-ons that were installed without your knowledge.
  5. Avast Account – Manages all your devices in one place. It also helps you locate Avast-protected mobile devices and stay organized the easy way.

In-product support – Get in touch with Avast’s support team for help anytime you are experiencing difficulties with any of their products.

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